Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was surprised by my own reaction when I said ‘no’. Usually, and as regular readers would testify, I’m a great believer in the energy arts. So when a friend of mine at work suggested we go and sign up for a Pranic Healing programme, I surprised myself just as much as I surprised her when I refused. Now, you must realise that I’m quite an adept at making a conversation piece out of my interests, feigned and real, in the martial and healing arts, so it was quite a shock for this friend of mine and so she asked, “ But why…? You’ve always been such a believer. You’re always pushing us for yoga or tai chi and stuff … so why not Pranic Healing?”

So I told her, “I’m not so sure if this whole Pranic Healing business works. I mean the great Master Choa Kok Sui who created or at least organised the healing system as it now stands himself died rather young – in his 50s, and of pneumonia. Now what good is a healing system that claims to heal both emotional and physical problems, and yet, the one who created it couldn’t heal himself, or be healed by those around him?” She had a frown. She had made up her mind but now she’d come up against a wall she hadn’t expected. I softened. “I don’t know much about this system though I’ve heard of miraculous healing experiences… of people being brought back from their death-beds, surviving cancers that defeated the best of allopathic doctors. So obviously, the system isn’t without merit. So don’t stop yourself… go ahead and experience it. Maybe you’ll make a believer out of me.” She smiled and seemed relieved. Next day she signed up for the workshop.

Meanwhile, I dug out an old article I’d come across in a martial arts magazine. The author, a healer and martial artist suggested that Pranic Healing could reduce both recovery-time for martial artistes and also reduce injuries. I was intrigued. I did some more research and discovered a few more interesting claims and accounts. Some ‘healers’ claimed that they had healed people of chronic ailments and numerous accounts of people with backaches and head-aches claiming immediate relief when ‘healed’. Pranic healing was now on my ‘things to look up in the future’ list.

Later, I met a Pranic healer, through a friend of mine. At the meeting, the healer ‘scanned my aura’. It’s a rather unnerving experience, dear readers, for here was this lady, with her eyes closed in concentration, moving her hands towards my body as one might to push a flower floating in the water towards you. Then she opened her eyes and said that one of my ‘lower chakras’, vortexes of energy

that control the ebb and flow of prana in the body was rather large… I didn’t know what to make of it and she seemed to ponder over the matter and decided not to elaborate unless I asked. I was feeling rather vulnerable… I didn’t ask… but the thought stayed with me. I wanted to know more about this healing system that claimed to feel and heal the emotional and physical well-being of a person by just ‘scanning the aura’ and then transmitting energy through the hands. This was almost magical. All these stories reminded me of the spontaneous miracles performed by the heroes of the Bible and Christ himself, where wounds and sores would disappear with the mere wave of a hand or a pointed finger.

So this time when my friend went for her three-day course, I requested her to seek an appointment on my behalf. And on the third day, I went for an appointment with Abe, the Pranic healer conducting the workshop. I had two questions. First, I wanted to know if there were any tangible accounts of people actually recovering from diseases as lethal as cancer and sclerosis, instead of the mere aches and pains that make up most of the popular cases. Abe smiled a sad smile. She has done her share of healing but told me about this young lady, who had cancer and who she tried to ‘heal’ to the best of her abilities but lost. And yet, this girl went through her chemotherapy and her terminal illness without any of the usual signs of suffering and depression that accompany this dreaded illness. No small victory if you ask me. But Abe also told me about her fellow healer who has been working with another cancer patient who was given just three years to live by his doctors and yet it’s been nine years since and that man is still living a normal life today. So at best, it’ll heal miraculously and at the very least, it’ll make life bearable, perhaps even enjoyable, even in the worst of times.

And what of the master’s early demise? Well, there’s no easy answer, she said. It’s true that Master Choa Kok Sui was working with divine energy and too much of it can damage the body. And yes, he worked tirelessly to spread the healing power and neglected his own body. And who is to say if his passing isn’t “part of a divine plan that’ll help him spread the light” to the furthest corners. Hmmm… Well I don’t have all the answers either but what I can tell you is that when I met my workaholic of a friend after her workshop, she had this glazed look that seemed to radiate peace and happiness. Now if you knew her, you’d have known that this was one small change in expression, but one giant leap for her “beautiful soul”. I’m signing up…



  1. It is simply a law of existence, like other laws. The enlightened man has a certain energy aura around him. Everybody has, but different people have different colored auras. That color depends on their psychology. In fact, one can see the aura; there is a certain training how to see the aura that surrounds your body and particularly your head. And looking at that aura, much can be said about your mind, your past, your actions, your desires, your imagination, your ambitions , your health-- almost your whole biography in the past, and, if you remain continuous with the past, the future also can be predicted.

  2. 書籍是全世界的營養品,生活裡沒有書籍,就好像沒有陽光......................................................

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